The Trolley Dilemma
and how it relates to ethical communication

d.Do not throw the switch because you are a Christian, and the Ten Commandments teach that killing is against the will of God.

1 Track Workman Cable Car 5 Track Workmen

This answer corresponds with the ethical paradigm of divine command theory

Divine command theorists believe the only ethical and moral courses of action are those that coincide with the will or command of God.

Effective Communication Requires Tolerance

Divine command theory principles are not limited to Christian beliefs. The spiritual conviction that directs individuals toward their God's definition of morality is found in many of today's religions. Effective communication in the area of divine command theory requires tolerance, awareness, and sensitivity, despite the beliefs of the person initiating contact. For instance, if the message originator measures ethicality from a utilitarian viewpoint, that does not mean his message is ethical for every member of his audience.

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