The Trolley Dilemma
and how it relates to ethical communication

e.Do not throw the switch because you feel aiding in a person's death would be culturally inappropriate and illegal.

1 Track Workman Cable Car 5 Track Workmen

This answer corresponds with the ethical paradigm of ethical relativism

Ethical relativists believe "that there is no objectivity to ethical judgments," and that "an ethical judgment is merely a matter of opinion and opinions vary from culture to culture, person to person" (Philosophy and science fiction, (accessed April 9, 2012)).

Ineffective One-Way Communication vs. Ethical Two-Way Communication

The World Wide Web is the primary tool of communication in our digital age. Many online communicators have mistakenly viewed their website as a one-way broadcast, and crafted their messages accordingly. An important part of effective ethical communication is understanding the audience, and creating messages that are clear and moral in their eyes. While employed as a web designer at Interbank FX, I witnessed the development of a new software product for foreign currency exchange traders. After presenting a pre-release of the product to international customers, it became clear that the name and dark color scheme were aesthetically uncomfortable and inappropriate for various cultures. In order to more effectively communicate with that demographic, the name and color scheme were adjusted. Through these product modifications our message and product became more culturally ethical. If I knew then what I know now about ethical communication, I would have encouraged the product's managers to begin international user testing at an earlier stage.

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