The Trolley Dilemma
and how it relates to ethical communication

b.Throw the switch because you are a virtuous person, and saving five lives is the type of charitable and compassionate act a virtuous person performs.

1 Track Workman Cable Car 5 Track Workmen

This answer corresponds with the ethical paradigm of virtue ethics

Virtue ethicists determine ethicality by considering the character or natural tendencies of a person as opposed to their actions or the consequences of their actions (Internet encyclopedia of philosophy, s.v. "virtue ethics," (accessed April 9, 2012)).

The Effectiveness of Communicating as a Virtue Ethicist

While the theory of virtue ethics stems from good intentions, its application in a business setting is not ideal. Companies and corporations hire employees who will spend their time assisting in turning a profit, not exploring human nature. In other words, a business is interested in lucrative results (consequences), not necessarily the journey that leads them there. During my corporate career I have witnessed the effectiveness of candid and straightforward two-way communication. Due to its time-consuming and egocentric nature, virtue ethics does not engender effective communication in the business sector.

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